Modern London (1804) – Landmarks Gallery

This is a gallery of plates of landmarks taken from Modern London, published in 1804 by Richard Phillips.  The engravings are mostly from scenes drawn by the Welsh artist Edward Pugh (the names of the artists and engravers can be found in small text under the images).  Romantic London includes a version of Horwood’s Plan with these images mapped to their locations and including the descriptions from the book, to which the gallery is intended to be a supplement.  Right-clicking on an image and selecting ‘Open image in new tab’ will open the source file and allow for more detailed perusals.  The images used here were released into the public domain by the British Library and can be reused freely.  They can be downloaded from the BL’s Flickr account or from the Wikimedia Commons.

The full list of plates is below:

  1. The Cities of London and Westminster, Copied from the Table of the Camera Obscura in the Royal Observatory at Greenwich.
  2. The West India Docks in the Isle of Dogs , with Greenwich Hospital in the foreground.
  3. Greenwich Park with the Royal Observatory on Easter Monday.
  4. The Court of the King’s Bench, Westminster.
  5. The Promenade in St. James’s Park.
  6. The Entrance of Hyde Park on a Sunday.
  7. The Admiralty, the War Office, & the Treasury.
  8. Westminster from Lambeth.
  9. The Houses of Parliament, with the Royal Procession.
  10. The King on his Throne in the House of Lords.
  11. The House of Commons.
  12. The Rotunda in the Bank of England.
  13. The Bank, Bank Buildings, Royal Exchange & Cornhill.
  14. The Royal Exchange.
  15. St. Paul’s Cathedral, with Lord Mayor’s Show on the Water.
  16. St. Paul’s Cathedral.
  17. The annual meeting of the Charity Children in St. Paul’s Cathedral.
  18. Westminster Abbey.
  19. The Society of Arts distributing its premiums.
  20. Drury Lane Theatre, from the Stage during the performance.
  21. The Royal Family at Covent Garden Theatre.
  22. Vauxhall on a Gala Night.