Life in London – Plates Slideshow

This slideshow contains thirty-six images from Pierce Egan’s Life in London: Or, The Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorne, Esq. and his Elegant Friend Corinthian Tom, accompanied by Bob Logic, the Oxonian, in Their Rambles and Sprees Through the Metropolis, which was first published in 1821.  The original edition can be viewed on Google Books.  The images were created by the brothers Robert and George Cruikshank, whose antics with Egan also provided part of the inspiration for the book’s plot.  The plates were individually hand-coloured in each copy, so vary significantly – the source copy for these images is one in my possession.

The first image is the book’s frontispiece: in Egan’s words, ‘an architectural column’ selected ‘in order to afford a sufficient space to delineate the varieties of LIFE IN LONDON’.  The thirty-five images that follow depict the various scenes through which the characters pass.  They can also be viewed mapped onto Horwood’s Plan.

  1. Jerry in training for a “Swell”.
  2. Tom & Jerry, Sporting their “bits of blood” among the Pinks in Rotten Row.
  3. Tom & Jerry in the Saloon at Covent Garden.
  4. Tom & Jerry taking Blue Ruin after the Spell is broke up.
  5. MIDNIGHT. Tom & Jerry at a Coffee Shop near the Olympic.
  6. Tom & Jerry in Trouble after a Spree.
  7. BOW STREET.  Tom & Jerry’s sensibility awakened at the pathetic tale of the elegant Cyprian,_the feeling Coachman,_and the generous Magistrate.
  8. Tom & Jerry larking at a Masquerade Supper, at the Opera House.
  9. ART OF SELF DEFENCE. Tom and Jerry receiving Instructions from Mr. Jackson at his Rooms in Bond Street.
  10. CRIBB’S PARLOUR. Tom introducing Jerry and Logic to the Champion of England.
  11. Tom & Jerry sporting their blunt on the phenomenon Monkey, Jacco Macacco, at the Westminster Pit.
  12. Tom Getting the best of a Charley.
  13. A “LOOK IN” at TATTERSAL’S. Tom taking Jerry’s judgment in purchasing a “Prad”.
  14. AN INTRODUCTION. Gay moments of Logic, Jerry, Tom and Corinthian Kate.
  15. FENCING. Jerry’s admiration of Tom in an “Assault” with Mr O’SHAUNESSY, at the Rooms in St James’s St[ree]t.
  16. Tom & Jerry, catching Kate & Sue on the Sly having their Fortunes told.
  17. The “NE PLUS ULTRA” of “Life in London.” _ Kate, Sue, Tom, Jerry and Logic, viewing the Throne Room at Carlton Palace.
  18. LIFE IN LONDON._Peep o’ day Boys. A street Row. The Author losing his “reader”. Tom & Jerry “showing fight”. & Logic floored.
  19. Symptoms of the finish of “Some Sorts of Life” in London._ Tom, Jerry and Logic in the Press Yard at Newgate.
  20. The ROYAL EXCHANGE._ Tom pointing out to Jerry a few of the primest features of Life in London.
  21. LOWEST “LIFE in LONDON”_ Tom, Jerry and Logic among the unsophisticated Sons and Daughters of Nature at “All Max” in the East.
  22. HIGHEST LIFE IN LONDON. Tom & Jerry “Sporting a Toe” among the Corinthians, at Almacks in the West.
  23. Tom, Jerry and Logic backing Tommy the ‘Sweep at the Royal Cockpit.
  24. A GAME OF WHIST. Tom and Jerry among the Swell “Broad Coves.”
  25. Tom, Jerry and Logic in characters at the GRAND CARNIVAL.
  26. THE GREEN ROOM AT DRURY LANE THEATRE. Tom & Jerry introduced to the Characters in Don Giovanni.
  27. Tom, Jerry and Logic. “tasting” Wine in the Wood. at the London Docks.
  28. OUTSIDE OF THE OPERA HOUSE AT NIGHT. Gallantry of Tom and Jerry.
  29. Tom, Jerry and Logic, making the most of an Evening at Vauxhall.
  30. A SHILLING WELL LAID OUT. Tom and Jerry at the Exhibition of Pictures at the Royal Academy.
  31. Tom and Jerry “Masquerading it” among the Cadgers in the “Back Slums” in the Holy Land.
  32. Tom and Jerry taking the hint at Logic’s being blown up at “Point Nonplus”; or, long “wanted” by John Doe and Richard Roe and must “come”.
  33. A WHISTLING SHOP. Tom & Jerry visiting Logic “on board the Fleet.”
  34. Jerry “beat to a stand still”! Dr Please’em’s Prescription, Tom and Logic’s condolence;_ and the “Slaveys” on the alert.
  35. WHITE HORSE CELLAR, PICCADILLY._ Tom and Logic bidding Jerry “good bye,” upon his going into training, & his return to Hawthorn Hall.