Microcosm of London – Plates from Volume II

The slideshow above shows the thirty-two plates from the second volume of Ackermann’s Microcosm of London (1808-10).  The titles of the plates are listed below.  These images are taken from a copy of the Microcosm owned by the Lewis Walpole Library and are used with permission.

If you want to examine one of the images in more detail, right-click on that image and select ‘Open image in new tab’. Hovering over the slideshow will bring up the pause button and buttons to skip to a particular image.

The Microcosm is introduced here and the plates can be seen mapped onto Horwood’s Plan here.

  1. Corn Exchange, Mark Lane
  2. Exhibition of Water Coloured Drawings, Old Bond Street
  3. Fire in London
  4. Fleet Prison
  5. Foundling Hospital, The Chapel
  6. Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street
  7. Great Subscription Room at Brooks’s, St James’s Street
  8. Guildhall
  9. Guildhall, Examination of a Bankrupt before his Creditors
  10. Common Council Chamber, Guildhall
  11. Heralds College, The Hall
  12. Hospital, Middlesex
  13. India House, The Sale Room
  14. King’s Bench Prison
  15. King’s Mews, Charing Cross
  16. Lambeth Palace
  17. Lloyd’s Subscription Rooms
  18. Leaden Hall Market
  19. Egyptian Hall, Mansion House
  20. House of Lords
  21. Lottery Drawing, Coopers’ Hall
  22. Magdalen Chapel [part of the Magdalen Hospital]
  23. The Mint
  24. Mounting Guard, St James’s Park
  25. Newgate Chapel [at Newgate Prison]
  26. Old Bailey
  27. Opera House
  28. Pantheon Masquerade
  29. Philanthropic Society, The Chapel
  30. Pillory, Charing Cross
  31. The Post Office
  32. Quakers Meeting