Malton’s Picturesque Tour – Plates Slideshow – Volume II


49. St. Paul’s from Ludgate Hill
50. West Front of St. Paul’s
51. South Front of St. Paul’s
52. St. Paul’s Cathedral from the West Entrance
53. St. Paul’s Cathedral
54. Transept of St. Paul’s from the North Entrance
55. The North Front of St. Paul’s
56. St. Paul’s from Cheapside
57. Bow Steeple Cheapside
58. St. Lawrance’s Church & Guild-Hall
59. The Mansion House from the Poultry
60. West Front of the Mansion House
61. St. Stephen’s Walbrook
62. The Mansion House from Cornhill
63. South Front of the Bank
64. Lothbury Court, Bank
65. North Front of the Bank
66. Arcade of the North Front of the Royal Exchange
67. The Royal Exchange
68. South Front of the Royal Exchange
69. North Front of the Royal Exchange
70. St. Bennet’s Fink, Threadneedle Street
71. St. Peter le Poor, Broad Street
72. London Wall
73. The East India House
74. The Monument
75. London Bridge
76. The Custom House
77. The Tower
78. The Great Court of the Tower
79. North Front of Greenwich Hospital
80. The Great Court of Greenwich Hospital
81. North Front of the Chapel and Hall of Greenwich Hospital
82. The Trinity House
83. St. Bartholomew the Greater
84. The Sessions House for the County of Middlesex
85. Newgate
86. St. George’s Bloomsbury
87. Fitzroy Square
88. Portland Place
89. Cavendish Square
90. Hanover Square
91. Grosvenor Square
92. St. George’s Hanover Square
93. Uxbridge House
94. St. James’s Street
95. Hyde Park Corner
96. Spencer House
97. The Queen’s Palace
98. Chelsea Hospital
99. Carlton House
100. North West View of St. Paul’s