Smith’s Antiquities – Plates Slideshow

The slideshow below displays the ninety-six plates included in John Thomas Smith’s Antiquities of London, published between 1791 and 1800.  The plate series is introduced here and can be seen mapped onto Horwood’s Plan here.


The list below gives the plate titles as shown on the plates themselves, with any notes of clarification in square brackets.  The plates are in order of publication, or in alphabetical order for those published on the same date.

  1. A Curious Gate at Stepney
  2. A Monument with the Old Vestry Deer in St. Mary le Savoy
  3. In St. Mary Overie’s or St Saviour’s Southwark [Monument for William Emerson]
  4. London Stone in Cannon Street
  5. Monmouth House, Soho Square
  6. Pedlar & His Dog, Saint Mary Lambeth
  7. Pye Corner, Smithfield
  8. Sir Paul Pinders, Lodge in Half Moon Alley
  9. St. Ann Westminster [Monument of Theodore, King of Corsica]
  10. St. Mary Lambeth [Monument for Robert Scott]
  11. William Earl of Craven, From a Picture in Craven Buildings
  12. Guy, Earl of Warwick, from a Basso Relievo in Warwick Lane
  13. Newgate
  14. A Basso Relievo of a Gardiner [Mr. Hoylands stables Gardiners Lane]
  15. A Curious Pump, In the yard belonging to the Company of Leather Sellers, opposite their Hall
  16. King James the Second [in Privy Gardens]
  17. A Specimen of Ancient Building [King Street, Westminster]
  18. Camden’s Monument, Poet’s Corner, Westminster Abbey
  19. Lollard’s Prison, Situated on the North Side of Lambeth Palace
  20. Rosamond’s Pond [St James’s Park; filled up in 1770]
  21. Speed’s Monument, in the Chancel of St. Giles’s Cripplegate
  22. St. Pancras in the Fields [Monument for Samuel Cooper]
  23. Stowe’s Monument, In the North Aisle of St. Andrew’s Undershaft
  24. Richard II [formerly hung in the Choir of St. Peter’s, Westminster, then in the Jerusalem Chamber]
  25. Cheapside Cross
  26. John Stowe, Historian & Antiquary (From His Monument in the Church of St. Andrew, Undershaft)
  27. London Wall [Ludgate Hill]
  28. London Wall, In the Church Yard of St. Giles’s, Cripplegate
  29. Old Charing Cross
  30. Savoy as it was about 1650, from a very Scarce Etching by W. Hollar – As it is at present 1792
  31. St. Botolph’s Bishopgsgate without [Monument for Coya Shawsware]
  32. The Archiepiscopal Palace of Lambeth
  33. An Old House which is now standing on Little Tower Hill
  34. A Front View of the Watch Tower, Discovered On Ludgate Hill May 1 1792
  35. Dukes Place, The South & Principal Gate of the Ancient Monastry, or Priory of the Holy Trinity
  36. James, 1st [Whitehall]
  37. Part of Christ’s Hospital taken from the Stewards Office 1765 [Richard Whittington’s Library]
  38. Robert Dow’s Monument, St. Botolph’s Aldgate
  39. Savoy Prison
  40. The Principal Gate of the Priory of St. Bartholomew, Smithfield
  41. The West Front of the Mathematical School, Christs Hospital 1775 [Sir Robert Clayton]
  42. Wood Street, Compter
  43. Cheapside Cross [second plate]
  44. In the Church of St. Catherine Cree [Monument for Sir Nicholas Throckmorton]
  45. Sir Thomas Gresham, Founder of the Royal Exchange and Gresham College
  46. Mrs. Salmon’s, Fleet Street
  47. In the Ambulatory belonging to Mercer’s Chapel [Monument for Richard Fishborne Mercer]
  48. The Monument of the Tradescants, in the Church Yard of St Mary Lambeth
  49. The Gate of the Ancient Abbey, of St. Saviours Bermondsey
  50. Bruce Castle, Tottenham, Middlesex
  51. On the North Wall in the Temple Church
  52. Sir Edward Wynter’s Monument, On the South Wall in Battersea Church
  53. Bancroft’s Monument, in the Church of St. Helen, Bishopsgate Street
  54. Sir Iohn Crosby’s Monument, in the Church of St. Helen, Bishopsgate Street
  55. The Old Theatre, Drury Lane
  56. Plowden’s Monument, On the North Wall in the Temple Church
  57. Entrance to Mr. Holden’s family vault in St. Bride’s Churchyard
  58. Gerard’s Hall, in Basing lane, Bread Street, Cheapside
  59. Wm. Woollett’s Tomb, in the Church-yard of St. Pancras, Middx.
  60. St Saviour’s Southwark [monuments]
  61. Wm. Hogarth’s Tomb In Chiswick Church-yard Middx.
  62. Engravings of King Lud and his Sons [in the Bone-House of St. Dunstan’s Parish (Fleet Street)]
  63. Rectoral House, Newington Butts
  64. The Tombs of Richard Pendrell and George Chapman in the Church-yard of St. Giles in the fields
  65. Clarendon House
  66. Lord Darcie’s Monument, on the East Side near the South entrance of St. Botolph’s church, Aldgate
  67. North, or inside, view of Traitor’s Gate
  68. Old Houses in the Butcher Row
  69. Sir Paul Pindar’s Monument, near the communion table, St. Botolph’s, Bishopsgate
  70. South view of The Bloody Tower
  71. The Conduit, near Bayswater
  72. The Monument of Frances Dutchess Dudley, in the North aisle, near the West entrance of the Church of St. Giles in the Fields
  73. The Old Fountain in the Minories
  74. Van Dun’s Alms-houses in Petty France, with his mural monument on the North Side of St. Margaret’s church, Westminster
  75. Cleveland House, by St James’s
  76. Prince Rupert’s House, Beech Lane, Barbican
  77. The Queen’s Nursery, Golden Lane, Barbican
  78. Lincoln’s Inn Gate Chancery Lane
  79. White Hart, Bishopsgate Street
  80. Guild-Hall Chapel
  81. Remains of a crypt part of the antient priory of Black-Nuns adjoining St. Helen’s Church in Bishopsgate Street
  82. Sion College
  83. The Old Manor-House, Hackney, formerly the residence of the Tyssen family
  84. Building at the entrance of Little St. Helen’s, lately a Dissenting Meeting house; demolished in 1799
  85. The Kitchen belonging to Leatherseller’s Hall, Demolished in 1799
  86. The principal or Street entrance to Leatherseller’s Hall, Demolished 1799
  87. An Antient Monument of a Bishop, under the South East Window in the Temple Church
  88. Barber Surgeon’s-Hall, from the Church Yard of St. Giles, Cripplegate
  89. Barber Surgeon’s-Hall, Monkwell Street
  90. Craven House, Craven Buildings, Drury Lane
  91. South Remains of Winchester-House, Southwark
  92. Staple’s-Inn, Holborn
  93. Venerable Remains of London-Wall
  94. Winchester House, in Winchester Street, London Wall
  95. An Antient Monument in the Chancel of St. Mary le Savoy
  96. Lady Arabella Countess Dowager of Nottingham’s Monument, in the Chancel of St. Mary le Savoy