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As you’ll be able to see from the expanded header menu, I’ve recently added a series of new curations to the site, including plate series from John Thomas Smith’s Antiquities of London (1791-1800), Thomas Malton’s A Picturesque Tour Through the Cities of London and Westminster (1792-1801) and the 1816 collection of Select Views of London compiled and arranged by John B. Papworth.  I’ve also mapped the passages from the seventh book of William Wordsworth’s Prelude that directly describe London.  These marker layers have also been added to the All Curations page, which allows different visions of London to be compared.  There’s still some work to be done with these new elements, particularly when it comes to introductions, but hopefully they’ll be of use.  If you encounter any errors or mistakes while using the new parts of the site, it would be great if you could drop me an email so I can fix things.

Matthew Sangster

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