I am very grateful to the following people, collectives and institutions for helping me to create this website:

  • The British Library (particularly Peter Barber and Chris Rawlings), for providing me with the images of the Crace Collection copy of Horwood’s Plan used on the site and for generously granting permission for me to use them.  I am also indebted to the BL for the images from Modern London used here, which the library released into the public domain.  The site has recently been been updated with further images from BL-held works, for which I owe thanks to Andrew Appleyard, Gary Carter, Philip Carter and Sandra Powlette.
  • The Lewis Walpole Library at Yale (and particularly Susan Walker and Kristen McDonald) for producing and transmitting images of the plates from their copy of the Microcosm of London and for providing a wonderful research environment in which to begin to explore a number of the other texts featured here.
  • The Bishopsgate Institute (particularly Stefan Dickers) for providing further Microcosm images.
  • Martin Killeen and the staff of the Cadbury Research Library at the University of Birmingham for assistance with the Life in London plates.
  • The University of Birmingham, for a small grant to pay for additional scanning to be conducted by the BL.
  • Robert Harm, for creating the Maps Marker Pro plugin on which this site’s mapping functions rely.
  • The developers of MapTiler, GIMP, WordPress and the various plugins that have been used to create and mediate the content hosted here.
  • Daniel Cook, Jeremy Davies and David Higgins, for feedback on content and usability.